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Digital Fun: The Best Gaming Consoles on the Market

Nowadays, video games are a popular source of amusement. The industry around it has grown by leaps and bounds. Video games nowadays are divided into several types. One of the more popular ways to play video games is with the use of gaming consoles. Choosing from the best gaming consoles right now, there are several products to choose from.

Game consoles are a great platform to play games on. In the past, an entire industry was controlled by a single console. These were the days of the Atari game platform and original Nintendo Entertainment System. However, nowadays, no single company has an overwhelming hold over the market.

The result is a competitive struggle between three major console developers. This is between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Each company has their own offering that brings something new to the market.

First, there is Sony. The victor of the previous round of console wars, Sony took over the video game world with its original PlayStation and continued it with the PlayStation 2. Since then the company has kept a strong hold on the market, but recently other developers released their own competing consoles. This generation’s console wars are far from over and they will rage until a console manages to become super-dominant.

Second, the other gaming company offering a console is Microsoft. The software powerhouse decided to break into console gaming in a big way with its Xbox product. Since then, the console push from Microsoft has gotten stronger.

Finally, there Nintendo. The former king seeks to get back the crown with its offering. The latest generation of gaming is challenging in its requirements though. However, Nintendo’s product seems powerful enough to deliver.

Benefits of Console Gaming

While a lot of people have turned from console gaming to PC, console gamers are still going strong. There are several reasons for this faithfulness. Here’s a quick review of these advantages.

First, there is the simplicity of console gaming. When you’re playing on a console, there’s nothing complicated to do. All you need to get things going is to get the DVD and slip it into the console. Then you can start playing. No complicated set-up process, no extra tweaking to. It’s all about pure gaming.

Second, there is no need for expensive updates. One of the problems with owning a PC is the need for constant upgrades. This year’s cutting-edge gaming PC will be completely outdated in a few years. With a console, that is not a worry. The standard load out of a console does not change at all for most of its market life. Once you have a console, there’s no need to go back to the manufacturer for upgrades.

Third, console gamers do not have to worry about system requirements. One of the most important facets of PC gaming is having a computer strong enough to play the latest and best games. These requirements place a barrier of entry that stops some PC gamers from playing games on the market. This is not a problem with consoles. You know that when you buy a PS4 game, your console will be sure to run it easily.

The only limitation are the various consoles. For example, a Nintendo game will only play on the Nintendo platform. However, console ports are popular nowadays so you can expect some games to be available on multiple platforms.

Finally, console gaming has an awesome game selection. There are a lot of games for this type of gaming thanks to the many developers out there who prefer releasing on consoles. You’ll be sure to never run out of games to play.

Picking the Right Console
When you’re picking out a console for yourself, it’s best to go through it in a methodical manner. There are currently several great choices for consoles out there and it can be quite hard to make a choice among them. It’s best to make your selection based on a simple question process.

The first question you should ask yourself is how much money you are willing to spend on your console. Although most of the basic consoles nowadays are near in terms of price, there are the additional components that you may want to buy. This includes larger hard drives and similar options.

After finalizing your budget, your question should be who exactly are you buying for. A console that is just for you will be a lot different from a family gaming console. If you’re buying for your family, this means you have to consider how children will play with the games. This means clear and intuitive controls would be preferable. Additionally, some consoles would be able to accommodate more than the basic two players and have peripherals that would enjoyable for family gaming.

Now that you know who you are buying your console for, you’ll also want to determine what exactly you are buying it for. The primary reason of buying it for gaming can often be supplemented by using the console’s other entertainment options. The most popular secondary reason for buying a console is its ability to play DVDs. The original PlayStation had a long life as a DVD/CD player besides being a game console and you may want that option available to you to.

Next, ask yourself how the addition of a console will affect your current entertainment set-up. For example, are you going to put it alongside your home theater? Will you be buying it a dedicated TV? Do you need more space? Knowing what changes you need to make will make everything easier when you bring your console home.

Finally, you need to determine what sort of games you want to play. Different game consoles have different game libraries. If you want to play a specific game or want to play a specific publisher’s games, check out if they have an exclusivity contract with a particular console. This way you won’t end up being disappointed.

Now that you know how to pick out the best console for your, here’s a look at the three top sellers right now.

The Best Gaming Consoles of 2017:

PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console – Uncharted 4 Bundle

Best Gaming ConsolesThe Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle puts together a PS4 500 GB with the latest Uncharted game. The most noticeable feature about this bundle is the game. Uncharted 4 is the conclusion to the hit Uncharted series and it’s a great send-off for fan-favorite Nathan Drake. If you loved the previous entries to the Uncharted series, you will most likely want to finish it off with this game. The critics and the fans loved it and you will probably love it, too.With the game out of the way, let’s get to the heart of the bundle: the console. To begin, this is not your launch-day PS4. The PS4 came out in 2013 but since then Sony has come up with several unique versions. The version that comes with this bundle is better-known by fans as the PS4 Slim. This is because the redesign turned this version into a slimmer and sleeker console.

The redesign is actually the biggest reason for buying this version. The original PS4 was a bit big and bulky. The slim version is over 30% smaller and 16% lighter. That’s a big change from the original. Besides the smaller size and footprint, the redesign made the PS4 a lot less imposing with rounded corner. It also went to a full matte finish instead of the half-glossy look of the original.

Besides the change in the design, there are also significant changes under the hood. The most noticeable one is the hard drive. Though this model has a 1TB model available, this bundle chooses to go with the 500GB one. Fortunately, you can easily change it out – the PS4 redesign now allows you to just slide off one of the panels and replace the hard drive in minutes.

Another change was in the ports. Though the classic ports like the USB, HDMI out, AUX, LAN and power are there, you will notice that the Optical Audio port is missing. Though it wasn’t that necessary, players who wanted a more-than-standard audio experience are going to miss it.

You will also notice a significant decrease in noise and power consumption. Console gaming is notorious for being power hogs, but this model reduced power consumption by 28%. That’s going to save you quite a bit of money when it comes time to pay the bills. As for noise, this model is a lot quieter in operation than the original PS4.

Besides those changes, this console still retains a lot of the original PS4 features. Besides being a video game console, the PS4 works great as an all-around media player, with Blu-ray and DVD play back available. You can also hook-up a USB drive to play a variety of videos and music files. Thanks to the online capabilities of the console, you can even stream media with it, Spotify included.

Performance-wise, the PS4 is a great 1080p console. You’ll have a great time playing a wide variety of games at great graphics quality. With its large game library, the PS4 can deliver more fun after you finish Uncharted 4.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons to buying the PS4. Let’s start with all of the pros to getting one.

For one, the PS4 is Sony’s masterpiece. This is pretty impressive considering that Sony made some of the greatest pieces of electronics that ever hit the marker: the PlayStation, the Vita, and more. As the fourth version of the PlayStation, this console takes everything that the company knows about console-making and put it all in one great package.

Another positive thing about the PS4 is the most powerful console right now on the market. Its CPU is an x86-64 AMD Jaguar, which has staggering eight cores. The console combines this with a 1.84 TFLOPS AMD Radeon Next Core Engine. The result is great performance and graphics at 1080p. 1080p gaming is the current console standard right now and you will love playing at this resolution.

Besides these two reasons, the PS4 also has an excellent game library. This bundle will already give you the great Uncharted 4. However, you can quickly expand from that. Do you love RPGs? One of the greatest RPGs on the market, The Witcher 3, is available for the PS4. Want open-world stealth action? Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series is available for the PS4. Besides that, there’s the awesome Metal Gear Solid V. Do you want some FPS action? Overwatch is burning up bandwidth with its competitive game play. This doesn’t even go into exclusives like the mega-hit Bloodborne.

It’s not all just games either. The PS4 gives access to PlayStation Plus and other apps to enhance your free time. PlayStation Plus gives out free games every month while also enabling online multiplayer. Not just that, you will be able to play classic PlayStation 2 games on the PS4 via the PlayStation Plus. Besides that, you can also have access to a wide set of apps that will allow you to do a variety of things. This includes Netflix and YouTube apps that will totally change your viewing habits.

As a final positive, the PS4 is powerful enough for VR use. PS VR is still a bit niche, but it is slowly becoming more popular. Having access to that if you wish is a good feature.

It is not all positives though. There are several drawbacks to buying this bundle. The biggest drawback is that it uses the PS4 slim version. The more powerful PS4 Pro is a better purchase if you’ve got the money for it. However, that version probably won’t get bundled anytime soon.

Another con is a difference between the PS4 Pro and the slim version: the lack of a 4K Blu-ray player. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker since 4K Blu-ray is a bit ahead of the curve right now. However, other consoles already have this ability so it’s a bit noticeable in its lack.

Another negative to purchasing this PS4 bundle is something specific to it. The Optical Audio port is missing for the PS4 slim version. This rules out using better audio options for your game playing. It’s not that bad a problem, but it removes an option for the player.

Xbox One S 500GB Console – Battlefield 1 Bundle


The Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle puts together the latest Battlefield game with Microsoft’s upgrade to the X Box. Before we go into the console, let’s look at the game that goes with it. Battlefield 1 was one of 2016’s big hits in the FPS genre. DICE took a big risk with making a World War I shooter and they managed to succeed with it. The game itself has a solid single-player campaign, but the multiplayer is where it shines. On the Xbox, the graphics and the game play of the game work beautifully and you will definitely enjoy the experience.Best Gaming Consoles

With the game done, let’s look at the real star of the show: the Xbox One S.  This particular version of the Xbox is an upgrade from the original Xbox One released back in 2013. The first thing you’ll notice is the changed design. Microsoft cut down the size of the console by about 40%. That’s nearly half of the original. The result is a smaller console that will fit in a lot of places. You can even have it standing up vertically. Combine that with the fact that the power brick is also now internal, this console is now a lot more convenient for your home.

Another change to the design is in the controller. The Xbox One wireless controller was already pretty good. The S decided to make it even better. The controller will now better fit in your hand, while also having a more solid grip. This controller won’t end up slipping out of your hands anytime soon. Besides that, Microsoft has doubled the range on the device so you can now lie back and relax while playing. They even made the controller compatible Windows 10, tablets, and smart phones via Bluetooth.

Besides these changes, there are two new features added to it. The more important addition is making it 4k capable. This means that the device can now handle 4K resolutions which really boosts the video quality on your video games. It also allows for Xbox One owners to play 4K Blu rays on their console. With the market lacking a reasonably-priced 4K Blu ray player, some people may want to buy the Xbox One S for this reason alone.

Another added feature is its IR blaster. This lets you turn on all the associated devices without even getting their remotes. Just turn it on and everything else activates, which saves you a whole lot of trouble.

These changes are great additions to the original Xbox One features. The bundle’s version has the 500GB hard drive but you can swap it out for the 1TB if necessary. It retains its great multimedia features. This includes the OneGuide, which helps you select your streaming shows by checking out your previous viewing history. The Xbox Live Service is also alive and well, providing you with access to a variety of online options. This includes cloud storage, multiplayer, voice talk, and more are available as long as you subscribe to the service.

Another important aspect to think about is what Xbox One accessories would you need with your new gaming console. When you’re looking for Xbox One accessories, there are actually a wide variety of them out there. They come from a number of different publishers and each has their own function. However, if you want to make it easy when selecting one, you can classify them into three types and start from there, there are accessories for convenience, functionality and improving your game playing experience.

Pros and Con

The Xbox One S has several good things going for it. The main pro to buying this product is that it features 4K HD resolution. 4K refers to the 4,000 pixels that make up the width of the display that this console can render. That’s nearly four times as much as 1080p, which is the current standard for video gaming graphics.

This jump in rendering is going to be a boost to the graphics of your games. However, the 4K compatibility also allows for great image quality in the Blu ray images that this device displays. 4K technology is only a recent development, with the first examples of it appearing only in 2003. It has quickly spread though and is quickly becoming the standard for high-quality home entertainment. Of course, you’re going to need a 4K TV fully take advantage of this.

Another reason for buying the Xbox One S is the storage space. Though this bundle’s copy is at 500GB, it is possible to get a 2TB hard drive for the Xbox One S. If you wish, you can probably upgrade your copy later with a bigger hard drive. With larger and larger games coming out, this would be a smart move.

Another positive mark for the Xbox One S is its upgrading ability. Microsoft knows computers and what is a console but a computer with limited input? This is why thanks to Xbox Live, your games will get additional support. Developers are working with the Xbox team to provide tweaks for the many games that are available on the Xbox One. This is a good thing because it can breathe new life into a lot of games. This is especially so if they are upgraded to even higher resolution.

You will also appreciate the fact that Xbox Live is a lot more dependable than PSN. The PlayStation Network is notorious for its outages and potential security leaks. Say what you will about Microsoft, but they are pretty good at securing their network.

Finally, there’s the fact that Xbox One S provides for backwards compatibility. This is pretty important for many players. If you’ve invested a lot in getting a large game library for your 360 or original Xbox, you don’t want that money to go to waste. Though not all games are backwards compatible, it has a continually growing list.

However, it is not exactly perfect. The main problem with the Xbox One S is that if you already have Windows gaming PC, you may want to stick with that. It does all of the same things that a PC does and only console exclusives are the difference. This is the same boat you are in if you have an Xbox One – there’s not much difference except for the better design.

Another problem with this product is the loss of the built-in Kinect. For those who love Microsoft’s motion-sensing input device, this is something they’ll miss. Of course, you can buy an extra Kinect sensor and hook it up, but it won’t be the same.


Nintendo Wii Console Black with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort

Best Gaming Consoles


Before we go into the Wii itself, let’s discuss the game bundled with it. This particular bundle boasts a two-pack: Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. The Wii Sports series is an interesting set of games. This is because they fully uses the Wii remote’s capabilities. Each game has five sports simulations and they require players to get real active when they play. For example, the boxing game has players using the Wii remote as sensors for each punch. Both games are big hits and you can expect lot of people to have a lot of fun with them. The two games with the bundle are already a good deal.

Now that you know the games, it’s time to look at the console. The Nintendo Wii is actually pretty old in terms of consoles. Its release was way back in 2006. It was originally supposed to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360. This puts it at a bit of disadvantage against more modern consoles. However, Nintendo has always been about the game play and features. Though the CPU and GPU are a bit dated, they still manage to deliver a pretty good gaming experience.

Here are some of the features you’re going to be getting. The first noticeable feature that you’ll notice is the fact that this device uses its unique Wii Remote. Using a combination of accelerometers and IR sensors, the remote acts as a way to control and play Wii games in a unique manner. Players can use it in a variety of ways ranging from swinging it around to normal remote usage. The real draw of the remote is the fact that it isn’t hooked up to the console – which means the console can accept multiple controllers. You can get up to 16 separate controllers, with multiple players participating in a single game.

Besides the controller, the Wii features an interesting Wii Menu interface. Acting like traditional TV channels, this allows you to properly navigate the Wii’s purposes. It has six primary channels consisting of the Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel and News Channel. Further channels can be added like Netflix, if you buy them from the store.

Another feature of the Wii is its backward compatibility. Older games from GameCube era can be played on this device with ease. This is a good thing for those who have a large game library. You won’t have to worry about losing access to these games. In addition, with a ready-made library, you should be able to play for months on end.

In addition to this feature, players can connect to both a Nintendo DS and the Internet. The DS can actually be a decent replacement for the Wii Remote for some games. The Nintendo Channel, which is available for Wii owners, can also download DS demos and additional data to expand your current DS games.

Finally, players can connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. This further expands the channels available and can allow you to do local wireless connections and multiplayer.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons to buying this bundle. Let’s start with some of the pros. One of the big reasons for purchasing a Wii U is the large and established game library. You won’t have to wait for developers to release killer games for the console – they’re already there. All you need to buy is them. The great thing about it is that they will most likely be on sale – older games often get the bargain treatment, after all. This means you can build up your game library quickly.

Another reason for buying the Wii bundle is its controller. The Wii Remote is a concept that hasn’t come up before in game consoles and there’s a low chance it will be repeated. This is a free-form controller that will allow you to play games in unique and fun ways. The Wii Sports games should show you how it goes. What other console will let you actually swing a bat or throw a boxing punch. It will actually get you more active and fit.

The third reason for buying the Wii is the fact that it is the ideal party console. With its ability to handle multiple Wii Remotes, you can play with everyone in a small party. It also helps that Nintendo makes some of the most enjoyable party games in the market. The Wii Sports games in this bundle would be a good start but there are other games that will be a sure hit at your party.

Buying the Wii is also a good decision if you’re looking for a cost-effective console. For one, unlike the Xbox One S and the PS4, you don’t have to pay for your online services. The only fee you pay for is your Internet connection. Other than that, you get access to the online Nintendo Wii channels for free.

There are a few drawbacks though. The biggest drawback is that this console is old. The Wii came out in 2006 and technology has progressed a lot. Don’t expect the great graphics of the latest consoles with this this console. If you want something modern, you’ll probably need to buy something more expensive.

The other problem is that this is a video game machine. Unlike other consoles, you can’t use this console to play DVDs and other media. If you wanted a cheap DVD player alongside your games, then this is not it.

Happy Gaming!

With the Best gaming consoles of 2017 to choose from, you’ll be sure to find one that will fit your needs. Be aware though that consoles have a set lifetime. You can expect a new generation of consoles to pop up in a few years or so. Keep in mind what games are coming up and what changes in technology you may want to have a foothold in when making your choice among the best gaming consoles of 2017.


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