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Pimp Up Your Xbox One with The Best Xbox One Accessories Out There

The Xbox One is one of the finest game consoles out there. Released last 2013, it’s in the current crop of consoles alongside the Wii U and the PS4. With competition like that, it is good to know that the Xbox One can go toe-to-toe with them in terms of performance. It’s also very comparable in terms of accessories with the PS4, the Xbox one accessories can improve your overall gaming ex

Looking at the Xbox One’s stats, you can’t help but be impressed. Using a custom 1.75 GHz AMD 8-core APU, which is actually two Jaguar modules put together, this console can process modern games at lightning speed, while delivering great graphics thanks to its AMD Radeon architecture. The console itself has 8GB of DDR3 RAM. This mix puts it on par with many high-range PC game machines.

Besides the solid hardware behind it, the Xbox One also has a great software library. Microsoft, the world’s biggest software company, is its maker after all. Thanks to the company’s efforts, the product runs two operating systems at the same time. One operating system is for the exclusive running of games, while a stripped-down version of Windows 10 operates the other functions. Thanks to this design, you can have your Xbox One integrate with your other Windows 10 machines, whether it is your desktop or tablet for more functionality.

However, the problem with game consoles is that when they come out they tend to stay static until the next console release. Unlike PCs, you don’t get to tweak around under the hood to improve performance. The only way to customize your Xbox One is if you buy the best Xbox One accessories out there.

Types of Xbox One Accessories

When you’re looking for Xbox One accessories, there are actually a wide variety of them out there. They come from different publishers and each has their own function. However, if you want to make it easy when selecting one, you can classify them into three types and start from there.

The first type is the convenience accessories. These Xbox One accessories are for your convenience. For example, a remote control is a convenience accessory. You don’t really need it to change the channel of your TV. You can easily walk up and do it manually. However, with it in your hand, you won’t have to stand up at all. Just point and click a button. For gaming consoles, convenience accessories are something like game storage racks and remote controls. They make using your Xbox One a lot easier and simpler.

The next type of accessory is the type that improves the game play experience. There are several aspects of game play and they can be affected by different Xbox One accessories. For example, the background music and sound effects of a game can make playing a game a more solid experience for some people. They would most likely appreciate it if they had a pair of headphones. Another example would be the interface. The Xbox One only has its basic controller in the box. You may want to buy one of many third-party controllers that feature additional effects or are programmable.

Finally, there is the accessory that adds functionality to your console. The Xbox One is pretty much a PC without a keyboard. Under the hood, it has all the components necessary, while the software is close enough to Windows 10. This means you can tweak it a bit to get additional functions like webcams, microphones, and more. With the right accessories, you may be able to get more out of your Xbox One.

Benefits of Xbox One Accessories

There are several benefits to buying Xbox One accessories. One of the most important advantages is that you can get more from your console. An excellent example of this is the game pad. Most consoles nowadays ship with only one game pad. The problem is that most consoles nowadays can handle up to four different players with their own controllers. Buying three more controllers ensures that others will be able to play alongside you.

Another benefit to buying an accessory is that you can get a better game experience. For example, the Xbox One has its own on-board speakers. However, they’re just functional. They just play the music and sound effects at a medium level. Now imagine playing some games out there with cinema-level sound effects. Wouldn’t that be epic? Hooking up a better set of speakers is just one way to do it. You can also get headphones to make the sound more personal.

You might also want to buy Xbox One accessories to just make your console look good. Some players are not satisfied with the basic console appearance. An Xbox One looks nice, but it can look a lot nicer. There are dozens of console shells, faceplates, hard cases, and sticker kits to turn your bland Xbox One into something more radical looking. Give your console a bit of your personality with your designer accessories.

Finally, Xbox One accessories can ensure that your console performs better and longer. A good example of this is an external hard drive. Nowadays, consoles have large hard drives to save games and other digital items. With a console’s connection to the Internet, you will eventually end up with hard drive full of various things. Using an external hard drive will help clear up some space on your console. Other performance enhancers include cooling fans so that your console won’t end up overheating and WiFi extenders that boost your WiFi signal to reach your console.

WD 2TB My Passport X for Xbox One Portable External Hard Drive 

Xbox One AccessoriesOne of the things that are at a premium when you play nowadays is hard drive space. In the past, games were all stored on disc. However, thanks to the increasing size of games, this has become slowly impossible to do. Most triple-A games nowadays are around 40 GB in size. This would be pretty awkward to do on disc, where the biggest Blu-ray discs are around 4 GB or so.

This is why a lot of game consoles nowadays have a hard drive included with them. The Xbox One features a hard drive that ranges in size from 500 GB to 2 TB. That may seem more than enough, but there are a ton of games coming out. You will quickly find that no matter how big your hard drive, you will end up using it all.

That is where Western Digital’s 2TB My Passport X comes in. This external hard drive adds two more terabytes of storage to your Xbox One. That can more than double your capacity, depending on the original size of your hard drive.

So why not just any external hard drive? Well, this storage device is supposed to work with three devices. It works with Windows 10 desktops, Xbox 360, and Xbox One platforms. If you use this anywhere, it will work as a standard external hard drive. The difference is that hooking it up to your Xbox will result in it being accepted as an additional hard drive. You will need to format the drive for each platform you will use though.

You can install a game on this drive and then play it from there. When you take away the hard drive, the game disappears from your games folder. To play it again, all you need to do is hook it up again. Thanks to UBS 3.0, this external drive connects quickly and delivers information fast.

The result is that games load quickly. This is the same result that you would get if you used SSD in your gaming PC: fast response times. Combined with more space, you will definitely enjoy owning this product.

Xbox One S Vertical Stand Cooling Fan Controller Charging Station with Game Storage & Dualshock Charger

Xbox One accessoriesKeeping your games and console organized can be frustrating. Separate games in separate disc packages, cables, and controllers can end up scattered all over place. This is why you will want to buy the Xbox One S Vertical Stand. This product is a stand that fits an Xbox One S and several of its components so that you can have it setup in a convenient location. It also happens to have a couple of features that make it a great buy for am Xbox One S owner.

Let’s begin with the main reason you’d want to buy this product. When you play your Xbox One S, it will end up heating up. The Xbox One S is bit different from the original Xbox One. The first thing you’ll notice is the new design, with the many holes for ventilation. This ensures that your console won’t end up cooking its delicate electronics.

However, those holes will not be enough if the Xbox One S gets too hot. This is why having an extra cooling fan is a good idea. This is what exactly what vertical stand does. The product has two-high speed fans that will start blasting in colder air once you hook it up. No need to worry about the sound either. These fans are as quiet as ever.

Besides the cooling this product provides, you will notice that it has two other purposes. The first one is pretty simple. Instead of leaving your Xbox games lying around, you can stack them on the stand so that they can be easily reached. Just put them there and go through them when you need to play one.

The other reason for buying this product is its charger. Microsoft recognized the fact that cables and wires only got in the way, especially when you’re actively playing. This is why the controllers for the Xbox One S are wireless. They operate via batteries. Use rechargeable batteries and use this stand as a charging dock so you can just leave the controllers there to get back their charge. This ensures that your controllers will always be in great working condition.

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Xbox One AaccessoriesOne of the essential components of your Xbox experience is the controller. The budget for the controller reached $100 million for designing this gamepad. They refined the original Xbox 360 design and managed to create something new and interesting.

Though it looks like the 360 controller, it has several enhancements like a better grip and a smoother build. However, the most important feature still remains the device’s ability to operate wirelessly. This is because it liberates you from being chained to the console. With a wire attached, you’ll be doing your best to try and not jerk the console off its place.

Without a wire, there’s no holding you back. If you’ve got the tendency to get into your game a lot, you know that this is a big thing. Playing unrestrained means you can play naturally. Jump around and get excited – that’s what playing games is about.

Anyway, to do its wireless act, the Xbox One controller uses batteries to power the controller. The big problem is that they’re power hogs. It may not look it, but the controller uses a lot of energy. This is especially if you play constantly. You will end up discharging the batteries quickly.

These battery changes can get very expensive. This is where the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit comes in. No more need for you to stop playing and go out to buy a change of batteries in the middle of the night. This is because the kit has rechargeable lithium ion battery of the right size and a charger.

The kit works like this. Instead of your normal battery, you will be using the packaged rechargeable battery. Just put it into the controller and you’re ready to go. When you’re not playing, or the console is on standby, hook up the USB charger and you’re good to go. On a charge time of 4 hours, you can have a full charge. This means several days of play before the Xbox One alerts you to the batteries running low. Overall, this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

 Ortz Xbox One Chatpad Keyboard KeyPad

Xbox One AccessoriesNowadays, video gaming is a very social activity. This is thanks to the prevalence of online multiplayer games. First-person shooters and RPGs dominate the landscape. Since the Xbox One is technically just a cut-down PC, there are several games that you can play on the Xbox on it that shares its servers with the PC gaming crowd.

As a console player, you’ve got an advantage when it comes to quick maneuvers and the like. However, you’ve got one big problem: how to communicate. The normal way to do things is to use a headset and use voice chat. For some people and games though, this is not a good option.

For PC gamers, the keyboard is the primary way to communicate. They type up messages and send them out to other players. An Xbox player is missing a keyboard for them to be equal in terms of communication. Fortunately, that’s where Ortz Xbox One Chatpad Keyboard comes in.

This particular accessory is a full keyboard that connects with your controller. This keyboard is shaped just right that it will attach to the bottom of your Xbox controller with a simple snap. After that, plug this keyboard in where you would connect the headphone adapter on your controller. After that, you should be ready to go.

The keyboard is just great. It’s as solid as a full keyboard but takes up less space. It operates vi a Bluetooth so there’s no need to worry about wires or cables. As for its functionality, the keyboard works very well in making you understood. No more shouting over the headset to be understood or needing to catch a person’s attention to chat. Message them direct via PM to get your message across.

Besides that, this accessory also allows for voice chats via the official Xbox headset or your own headphone. It has the right ports available for you to plug them in. With the improved connection module of this keyboard, you won’t be getting any interruptions during your chats.

Overall, this is a great accessory that will give your Xbox better functionality and improve your gaming experience.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Xbox One Accessories

One of the often-ignored parts of video gaming is the audio part of it. People like to look at the pretty graphics and they forget the part about the sound and music. However, it can be pretty important.

For example, when you’re playing competitive online games, the best way to communicate is by voice chat. The problem is that the basic audio speaker on your Xbox can be pretty bad when you use it for this purpose. You barely hear anything or you can’t distinguish sounds.

The other time when sound is important is during games where the developers use audio cues a lot. For example, echoing footsteps, distance-based noise, and others can make the game you’re playing a lot more fun. You may end up missing them if you do not use a headphone.

This is why a lot of Xbox One players have a set of headphones ready for use when necessary. Just plug them in to your controller’s headset jack and you should be able to hear a lot of things. However, the problem is that the product is not perfect. The main problem is the headset jack for the Xbox One controller is in the non-standard USB port.

This means your old headphones won’t work with them since most headphones use a 3.5mm jack. Fortunately, that’s where the headset adapter comes in. This accessory is a USB plug that you insert into the headset port of the controller. It then has a 3.5mm jack port that many headphones and headsets can plug into. That’s gives you the chance to use your favorite headphones once again with this latest piece of technology.

It doesn’t just stop at being an adapter. This device has several options set on its facing. It will allow you to adjust the volume, mute the microphone on your headset, and adjust the audio balance between the game and your chatmates. These are all good options since you would normally not be able to do them with older headsets. The only problem with the adapter is that there are two headsets on the market that don’t with them, but, it is still a good purchase in the long run.

Xbox One Media Remote

Xbox One AccessoriesIf you’re tired of the various video games available to you on the Xbox One, you should then turn to the other entertainment option that it can give you. Microsoft made their flagship console a very good media player in its own right.

There are two ways to view media on the Xbox One. First, there’s the Blu-ray option. The console is actually able to playback DVDs and Blu-ray disc at high resolutions. If your TV is one of the few 4K screens out there, you will get the full cinematic experience.

After the disc option, you can also stream in a variety of media. PSN and other apps are available to you. Just install them and they are ready to run. Want to watch some Netflix? The Xbox One allows you to do just that. It doesn’t stop with just one popular streaming service. There are dozens more waiting for you to start streaming.

The only thing missing though is how to control it properly. You must admit that picking out movies and viewing them with your game controller is going to be awkward. Wouldn’t it be better if you used a traditional remote control?

This is exactly what you get with Xbox One Media Remote. This accessory is pretty much your standard remote control. However, it has been changed to better be able to handle all the media options that the Xbox One can show.

This remote control is actually pretty impressive. With a range of 30 feet, users would be able to pause and playback the stream or Blu-ray from clear across the room. This remote has intuitive controls that should allow people to easily figure it out. It also helps that you can program the remote in various ways to ensure you have an easy time. With back-lit buttons and instant access to OneGuide, playing with your various media options should be a breeze. It is a prime replacement to an Xbox controller for activating your Xbox. Making it one of the more useful Xbox One accessories for every day use.

Overall, this accessory is a great addition to your home entertainment system.

A Final Word

The Xbox One is a great console. It’s not perfect though. There are several areas where it can improve. This is why you’ll most likely want to buy one or more Xbox One accessories to make your Xbox One experience better. The few examples above are just the best of the lot. There are more available out there. Just look for what you need and you’ll be able to create your own ideal Xbox One experience.

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