A Complete Review On PlayStation VR

According to a recent survey in the US, the advancement of Virtual Reality technology has improved about 80% in the last 5 years. Typical PlayStation and other normal tech apps or gaming consoles may soon loose their value if there is a sudden increase in VR gaming.

Will you believe me if i say we all are experiencing the virtual reality in our life in some cases? It’s the real fact. You might have heard of the Sony’s PlayStation VR, which was a great successful PlayStation within few days of the release, and is compatabible with the PS4 Pro game console.

The virtual reality gaming  that has been brought about by Sony, has attracted many console gamers around the globe to try a new avenue of gaming for the very first time. Virtual Reality Gaming with their introduction of the PlayStation VR.

Today I have fully reviewed Sony’s PlayStation VR in detail, and offer my complete analysis of the product.

Full review on PlayStation VR

Proceed below to check out the complete review on the PlayStation Virtual reality.

Sony PlayStation VR – In the Box

I purchased my PSVR off of amazon, when I got the product it was neatly packed and speedily delivered as I received my PSVR on the third day after my order. It as packaged in a large box and was provided with all the packaging safety procedures to ensure my product arrived free of damage.

In my box I found the PlayStation VR headset, HDMI Cable, Manuals with instructions to follow, a Processor Unit, Ear Headphones, Cleaning cloth for the lens, a demo disc, and a power cables for connecting with the PlayStation. There were several different types of power cables in the box as well.

Sony Playstation VR- Price

Have you heard of “Big Three” in the market now? Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset represent the best of the “Big Three” on the market for the the price.

The price of this product would be about $450 and upwards to $550, if gamers spend a little amount extra on the PlayStation camera to enjoy the complete experience of this virtual reality headset.

Sony Playstation VR -Installation & Setup

When I opened the box and found dozens of cables, I was little confused about where to begin, where to put each cord and how to set up the unit to connect to my PS4 Pro. But the instruction manual was perfect with all details needed to get you started.

I took around 20 to 30 minutes to set up my PlayStation VR for the first time, but I think the more I set up the VR headset the faster and easier it will become to figure out where each cord plugs in.

It took time with the HDMI cables. You need to feed few series of HDMI cables to the PlayStation 4 and then to the PlayStation Virtual reality processing unit and again to the headset. This is the reason for set up taking a more time than perhaps needed. But future models and advancements in the technology will perfect the system set up over time.

Playstation VR – The PSVR Processing Unit

The PSVR processing Unit is little hard to set up, but this is the prominent place where you have to focus it perfectly for the crystal clear results.

The processing unit of the PSVR has not added any power to the consoles , neither the developers who developed this did not program it similarly too. You yourself need to handle some of the key functions.

3D audio processing is essential to carry out the object in a smooth way and to reduce the loud noise that comes from the games. There is a common social screen displayed which renders the image you see yourself in VR on to the TV.

There is a PS4 screen which is placed in the cinematic mode , you will be able to play any VR or non virtual reality games and also watch movies on the screen that looks similarly to the screen in the movie theaters.

The one drawback I found in this processing unit is that they need more power supply for the processor. I turned off the PS4 completely to check what happens, and I experienced that the unit was in the semi-powered state with a red off blinking to it.

Did you understand it now? yeah this means they are requiring an enormous power supply. Headset started working fine after I plug in every cables once again in the right slots perfectly.

After you have set up the PlayStation VR you are ready to go, you don’t need any system requirements updates or no graphics option changes or any driver that need to should needing to be updated. You can just perform the software update in your free time.

Sony PlayStation VR – Design

PlayStation VR
While you look at the design of the PlayStation VR, you may find them as the expensive as they give a royal and stylish look. i was attracted by their design as they looked gorgeous.

The most important thing I liked in their design is the black fascia and the white edging which is compact and sleek. Cool lights which was present in the PSVR is also the most attractive part of the design and this is also used for tracking if any motion occurs.

Headset was little bigger than I expected. There was a cable from this headset to the adapter which was small in size through which you can turn the volume up and down. A power button in the PSVR to on or off the headset.

PlayStation VR – Comfort

When I first put on the PSVR it was noticeably more comfortable than other VR headsets I have worn . Have you noticed other VR headsets? They often quickly cover your face with Velcro. But the PSVR was completely the opposite, there was no such problem with this product.

There is a button at the back of the headset, if you pull it and place it over you head, it automatically fits according to your head. There is a plastic dial for tightening up when you feel the headset is little bit loose.

As the weight of the headset is very comparable to other models and it rests nicely on the back of your head, you are able to feel the comfort while you put on the headset. In other VR like Occulus and Vive, you cannot wear any glass while you put on the headset, in this type of PSVR you can wear glasses.

PlayStation VR – Headset

The tracking lights present in the headset helps you to turn your head and face any where without any difficulties in playing the game.

Another Important feature I found comfortable was the box that was present in the front of the headset can be moved to any direction during the game or whenever needed.

Few Drawbacks of the headset:

One drawback I found in this design is that, if you are pushing the display of the PSVR close to the face , you will experience a gap between them which will result in the immersion breaking.

Will you notice this while playing game? No! So this is one of the main drawback. But when comparing to the comfort of the headset , this is not much downfall product.

The headset comes bulky, what if you are adapting a large headphones? It will be little bit difficult for you to play the game.

I was shocked , when I found the quality of the headset was excellent.

PlayStation VR – Size

The room I chose for placing the PSVR was not very big, but the PSVR does not need a large space for it to be functional. I was able to play the game with more comfort and the controllers really surprised me, they were smooth to use and touch.

PlayStation VR – Cables

I actually found difficulties in taking this PSVR to one place to another due to the number of wires. You need to remove and set up each time the PSVR when you move it to some other location. Whenever I do this I punch my hands to the wall. Ah, this sounds bad but I just said the fact.

PlayStation VR – Display

PlayStation VR uses just 1080p and a LED screen which is of 5.7 inches. So now you might have known the quality of the product right? yeah its low when compared to other PlayStation’s.

Though you find the quality low, there is no doubt in experiencing the game’s quality. You will experience the virtual reality apparently when you play games like Battlezone, cluster of crash, cluster of tanks etc.

You can feel the comfort and smoother experience while you experience the virtual reality game, they can render up to 90 hz to 120 hz. I really love to play all types of my favorite games with this PlayStation VR.

The another advantage of this PSVR is that you can use the Product headset even while playing the PS4 games and the cinematic mode is the best aspect of this product. You can find three different types of virtual size of various inches namely 117  inches, 163 inches and 226 inches.

You will be able to adjust the screen size according to the game you play.

You will experience the theater experience from your home while using the PS VR headset and the display.

PlayStation VR – PlayStation Camera

PS4 Camera
Sony provides the best PlayStation Camera with this PSVR launch. There are also other products who has this PlayStation camera but this product is something special when compared to the others.

They comes with a stand to reduce and lift the lenses based on the setup of the camera. The cable used for this type is dark, thick and of heavy weight.

Advantages of PlayStation VR:

Check out the pros of the PSVR below.

  • Preinstalled Games
  • Superb effect of movies or games in the headset
  • comfortable to wear with glasses

Disadvantages of PlayStation VR:

Proceed below to check down the cons of the PlayStation VR

  • In Order to shut down the processor unit, you need to unplug the power down
  • Need of another USB port to charge the controllers
PlayStation VR

Special Feature:

It has a cool lights in PSVR.

Key features:

+ VR headset connection cable,

+ Stereo headphones.


+ Superb Comfort

+ AC power cord.


+ It take time to install and set up.

Our Rating: (5 / 5)

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The Final Verdict…

If you are in need of an efficient , comfort and durable virtual reality headset for you, you can get this PlayStation VR without any doubt now itself. They are best in their performance, compatibility and comforting experiences I have had with this product.

You need not require any additional equipment or sensors in your home to adopt to this VR. This is the best and affordable alternative when compared to other controllers and PlayStation’s.

Any queries regarding the PlayStation VR? Feel free to ask your queries to me, i can provide you the solution to the questions.

What are your views on this PlayStation VR?


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