Gaming Consoles and Accessories: Which console and what do I need?

Gaming Consoles and Their Accessories

Human Beings are called social animals because of their inability to live alone. They need different people, things, and places in their life span. Since their creation, they have remained involved in many activities related either with earning livelihood or enjoyment. In both the fields Science and Technology have brought a revolution and helped them to do something remarkable in the history. With the help of both computer and technology, they have crossed many landmarks in their lives. One of these important land marks is invention of different games that are run by computers and gaming consoles.

What are Gaming Consoles?

A gaming console is like a monitor in digital, electronic or computer form used to give video signals for video games or show the images and out puts on the screen. The very first working console was built by Ralph Baer in 1966. After passing through a series of transitions these game consoles have become familiar now and are offering the video player, CD/DVD player, blue ray disc players, web browsers, and even set top boxes.

Accessories of Gaming Consoles

Like personal home computers, gaming console also have many accessories. These are used to play it. The most important accessories that are commonly found in all the gaming consoles are:

  1. Game Controllers
  2. Memory Units
  3. Audio/Video Cables
  4. Cases

1-Game ControllersGaming Consoles

The most important of all the video game accessories are the game controllers. These have also passed through many changes and, now a day, there are direction control buttons also. In many consoles they give up to a 360 degree direction and allow the player to play using any of the directions. These are also used as camera control options. There are also some input buttons on the top or at any other place and are used for jumping or other like actions. In the Xbox series these buttons are at the shoulders of the box.

2-Memory Units

The second very important of the video game accessories is the memory unit. In the beginning, these consoles have no memories to store any of the game related data. These used cards to do its storing functions.  But with the passage of time large memory cards were built called Sega Dreamcast. The Xbox  360 system was released for first time with an 8 GB memory and after that PlayStation also did so, and also released the console with options for larger memories. Now a day, the memory of the Xbox One is about 500 GB. PS4 have the memory units with standard options of 500 GB or 1 TB, which is a significant increase and development of technology in a short period of time.

3-Audio/Video Cables

Another very important of the accessories is the Audio and Video cables. This because the content of Video games needs to shown on Television screen or monitor, therefore, these cables are the need of the day. In the start this function was performed through an antenna switch box. Later they changed into RF connectors that consisted of cables. Still only a single cable was used to aid the audio as well as video streaming. Now a day, the gaming console has a set of industry standard cables. It means three cables one for video which is usually black and two for left and right audio which are red and white colored.


Another of the gaming console accessories are the cases. As these consoles are portable and can be taken from one place to the other, therefore, these are likely to meet some accident. To prevent these from damages different cases are built. These serve as shells around the whole console and save them from breakage or any other damages.

Famous Gaming Consoles

There are many gaming consoles famous today. The most famous are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Xbox One

The Xbox One is the most famous console, now a days and was released by Microsoft at the end of 2013, and is the third in the family of Xbox consoles. It is also the first console released in China. It is the largest competitor of Sony’s PlayStation 4. Its controller is based on Xbox 360 redesigned. It has an accelerated processing unit and also features the cloud computing. It is also able to perform tasks as split screen multitasking, motion tracking, and voice recognition. It has a new Kinect 2.0 sensor with a lot advanced features.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 (PS4) is also a video gaming console developed and designed by Sony Entertainment in 2013 as a successor of PS3. It also has an accelerated processing unit and has the ability to play games off the console on PlayStation Vita and supporting Sony Xperia Mobile Devices. It also has the ability of share play and its console is also built on redesigned and improved console used in PS3.

Which is Better

If we compare both these consoles minutely, the PlayStation 4 is clearly the winner because of its Virtual reality capabilities. However, the Xbox One is also good for playing media services, especially Ultra HD and Blue-Ray playback.

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