For Honor Review February 2017

For Honor Review

For Honor

For Honor is an exciting and action-packed medieval third-person action game with a lot of focus on fighting. At its core, the game requires you to either enter a multiplayer mode with multiple distinct game ideas or you can try out the single player which is a nice addition to a game mostly focused on playing against real people.

The single player campaign is more of a glorified tutorial, but it also allows you to explore the uniqueness of all three factions in the game, mainly Vikings, Samurai, and Knights. It’s a nice change of pace, and it does provide you with the best way to learn how the game plays without having to sink a lot of time into it.

There are a lot of customization options in the game. You can change your clothes, armor; you can even customize your sword handle and blade among others. Of course, you can change between various skins and so on, so it’s easy to see that you will receive quite a bit of value if you play here.

For Honor Game Play

The game play is fun because you have to master the controls and the blocking system which can be very rewarding as you play. By mastering the controls, you get complete control over the way you play, and you will have no problem enjoying the unique gameplay experience once you master it. Yes, the blocking system can be tricky to master, but it will provide you with a nice way to enjoy the game and explore everything it has to offer.

You have only 3 characters that you can play as and unlock their capabilities at first. As you earn more currency, you can unlock and customize the others as well. The nice touch here is that you can play as any of the characters to try them out. This way you can see which one suits your play style and you can unlock only the ones you like.

The combat system is very good, and it shines in 1v1 or 2v2 games. Obviously, you also have the 4v4 Dominion, but this game mode becomes rather challenging when one of the teams has a higher player count.

Graphically, For Honor is amazing. It makes you feel like a part of this large medieval world, and it shines because of that. The character design is great, animations are second to none, and overall you will enjoy the visuals quite a lot!

For Honor Online Network

The P2P system Ubisoft chose to replace matchmaking with is not exactly the best, because each time the host player leaves, you will end up getting stopped mid-game. It’s a bad thing for sure, and it does affect the gameplay. But other than that, For Honor works great and the performance/stability is magnificent. This is rare to see from new AAA titles since most of them tend to have a lot of bugs.

Overall, For Honor is a nice title and it delivers a great change of pace from your daily shooters. It can be tough to learn and visceral at times, but it’s also extremely rewarding and fun. You should check it out now, as it’s certainly worth your time, especially thanks to the great progression system!

We Rate it 8/10

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