Watch Dogs 2 Review February 2017

Watch Dogs 2 ReviewWatch Dogs was a great contender to GTA, but it lacked the substance and high class delivered by the aforementioned title. Thankfully, Watch Dogs 2 manages to bring in front a great new hacking adventure. This time, the game does a very good job at allowing you to explore San Francisco. The shift from Chicago to San Francisco brings a nice change of pace and it’s a lot of fun to explore the unique game play mechanics delivered here.

The story in Watch Dogs 2 is great, because it places a lot of emphasis on hacking and a group named DeadSec which wants to perform various deeds of hacktivism. They did a very good job at providing different areas which bring their own aesthetic and visuals. On top of that, you have a ton of great missions, all of which are a sheer delight to explore and which bring in front great new ways to use your gadgets.

The main character, Marcus, does a very good job at offering a great insight into the world of hackers. It’s quite fun to see him explore all the unique game play mechanics and the experience on its own is very nice to begin with. The missions are very diverse, sometimes you will have to plant explosives, other times you will have to use stealth or drive cars. There’s a lot of fun to be had here and each new thing you do is diverse.

Marcus has an interesting melee weapon, a billiard ball that is attacked to a bungee cord and this makes the combat quite nice. However, his main attack weapon is, obviously, his smartphone. Marcus has all the tools he needs in order to create traffic issues and he will also have access to numerous upgrades.

While playing Watch Dogs 2 you will find that there are lots of vehicles you can use, from boats to quad bikes, motorbikes and cable cars, each one of them will allow you to explore the game world in any way you want. Plus, you also have some tools like a remote controlled car or a quadcopter that will be usable for various missions.

Graphically, Watch Dogs 2 looks amazing and it shows just how impressive the Ubisoft open worlds managed to become after so many years. They did a very good job at creating a fictional San Francisco and the results are second to none. Plus, the character design is great and you can easily customize Marcus’s appearance in any way you may want. The idea is that you have a lot of fun while exploring these stunning locations and the experience on its own is incredible to say the least.

Overall, Watch Dogs 2 is a great game and it will certainly impress you with its massive open world, a plethora of missions and the great freedom that you feel as you play. This is a very nice game and you should consider giving it a try if you like open world action games! The hacking missions are nice too, and you have a lot more fun hacking around in Watch Dogs 2, which is maybe the highlight of the game to begin with!

We Rate it 8.5/10

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